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Tele-Europa services are available to both wholesale and retail carriers across the world. Regardless of you being an incumbent carrier, mobile operator, LDI operator, Calling-card operator, broadband telephony service provider, call-center, or even a small call-shop owner, we are equipped with the right systems and expertise to serve your wholesale voice needs efficiently and effectively.



  • Tele-Europa serves more than 500 carriers, ranging from the world's largest telecom carriers to innovative, emerging providers. Tele-Europa can enhance the success of your international business with our unmatched portfolio of international voice products and value added services.



  • As the international voice business becomes more dependent on scale and efficiency, Tele-Europa can help carriers and providers from all segments of the industry succeed with a range of global termination products that provide flexibility of coverage and features to fit your requirements. With more than a billion calls handled daily and thousands of switches covering businesses around the world, Tele-Europa is the right company to help your business grow.


Voip Carriers

  • Tele-Europa VoIP Providers Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of voice services for VoIP Providers a commitment to work with you to tailor a solution that will maximize your profit potential in the global mobile cable marketplace.

Tele-Europa International Voice Termination

  • service is competitively priced and managed in real-time to help you build your investment in international business. You may purchase wholesale international voice termination services based on your needs, and because we manage your international voice termination service in real-time, we help protect you from fluctuations in demand and route quality.
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